A Rental removal truck hire delivered to your door. Call Mobile Truck Rental for a cheap quote on a moving van, all of our moving vans are the latest model, they are all automatic with a tailgate lifter. They can all be driven on a car licence. You can rent a truck with a cash or credit/debit card for a bond.

We operate all throughout Queensland however we can offer a one way truck hire to almost anywhere in Australia.

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We understand moving can be stressful and most people have time constraints, so to make your Truck Hire a little easier our rental truck is delivered to your door. For a cheap price for a Short or Long Term Truck Rental call Mobile Truck Rental



You no longer need to find someone to drop you down to your truck rental provider or try and find secure parking to leave your car. To help you with your moving budget and save you time and money, We Deliver the Rental Truck To Your door



When your finished with your Truck Hire we then arrange to pick the truck up again either at your old residence or your new one. This leaves you more time to enjoy your move, instead of having to worry about returning your rental truck.



With A One Way Truck Hire You can move from point A to point B and never have to visit a rental site. This saves you time, the cost of travel & excess kilometres on your rental truck.


Truck Hire to Anywhere Along The East Coast of Australia

Mobile Truck Rental is a specialist in commercial truck hire to residents throughout the entire east coast of Australia. If you need a heavy duty rental truck for the purposes of home or business relocations or to use as a temporary vehicle while your usual truck is being repaired, we can help you. Our fleet consists of 3 tonne trucks which can be driven on a standard car license and the larger 5-6 tonne model which require an MR license or greater to operate. If you’re unsure about which truck will best serve your desired purpose, please get in touch with our friendly staff who will provide you with all the necessary assistance you need to make the right decision.

Regular Safety Checks

Ensuring that our customers remain safe and secure throughout their journey at all times, is our highest priority. For this reason, all of our hire vehicles are regularly serviced by trade certified mechanics who guarantee that no truck is available for hire purposes unless it has deemed to be in impeccable working order. In addition to vehicle safety checks, all trucks are fitted with GPS, rope, a trolley and rear tailgate lifter to help make loading, unloading and transport of your goods as easy as possible.

Which Truck is Right for You?

3 Tonne Trucks – these can be driven on a standard vehicle license and are a popular choice for those wishing to move house, or shift smaller, less-bulkier items for business purposes. Each truck is an automatic and is fitted with a range of high quality components that help make moving heavier items, a hassle-free experience.

5-6 Tonne Trucks – the larger vehicles are perfect for home or business relocations or transporting goods for commercial purposes. They’re equipped with the same gadgets and accessories as the 3 tonne, but with the added advantage of a bigger interior and 1000 kg rated rear tailgate lifter (twice that of the 3 tonne’s 500 kg). Unlike the 3 tonne however, please be aware that you must possess an MR license or higher to drive this vehicle.

To take a closer look at our hire trucks, be sure to visit our truck info page.

Long Term Truck Hire

At Mobile Truck Rental, we understand that not every home relocation, transport haul, or other transportation of goods is complete in a single day, which is why we specialise in the provision of long term hire as well. Contact us to arrange a fully customised hire package that suits your exact requirements. And the best part is, once you’ve finished using your vehicle, we will come straight out to your location and collect the vehicle for you. We always go the extra mile to ensure that any stress associated with your move is kept to a minimum.

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