What Do I Require to Hire a Truck?

You’ll need a valid driver’s licence that is suitable for the truck you are hiring:

  • 3 tonne Pantech (C class open licence or greater)

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for more info.

What Type of Fuel Do I Need to Use?

All of our hire trucks use diesel fuel only.

Am I Able to Use Your Hire Trucks for Business Purposes?

Absolutely. Pantech trucks are an ideal temporary vehicle for all business related tasks. They’re reliable, offer plenty of storage room and have all the manoeuvrability of a regular passenger vehicle.

Do The Trucks Have Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Our 3 tonne Pantech is an automatic

Please refer to our truck fleet page for more info.

Can I Drive My Hire Truck Wherever I Like?

You are free to drive your rental truck throughout the mainland, but our trucks must not be driven on unsealed roads or in off-road conditions.

Do You Offer One Way Truck Hire?

Yes. With our one way truck hire service, you don’t need to worry about visiting a rental yard to collect your vehicle or dropping it off when you’re done with it. We’ll drop the vehicle off at your chosen address and collect it from you when you at the end. Whether you require a truck for local use or interstate purposes, our one way truck hire services are convenient and affordable.

Do You Have Any Tips for Those Seeking to Move Interstate?

We’ve compiled a list of top tips for those looking to move interstate in our interstate relocations guide.

How Much Do I Stand to Save By Hiring a Truck instead of a Removalist?

How much money you ultimately save when compared to a removalist, depends on a number of key factors such as:

  • The amount of furniture/equipment you are transporting
  • The distance you require your items to be transported
  • The time required to complete the move; this includes the time taken to load, transport and unload your equipment. Some removalists may also choose to include the time taken to travel from their headquarters to your premises as well
  • The time of year and time of week that you’re looking to move. Removalist companies typically charge much more in the holiday seasons and extra expenses will be incurred for those looking to move on a weekend as opposed to a weekday

With all these factors considered, a removalist company can charge anywhere from several hundred dollars for a small scale move that is local to many thousands of dollars to haul a larger amount of belongings. If you’re relocating interstate, a removalist will be substantially more expensive.

Do I Require Insurance to Hire a Rental Truck?

No. All of our trucks come with standard insurance and come with a standard damage liability of $5000. This can be reduced by upgrading to one of our premium insurance cover packages. Please refer to the ‘Summary Terms and Conditions’ section of our Terms and Conditions page.

3 Tonne Trucks Offer Plenty of Room

Our 3 tonne Pantech trucks have a storage capacity of 20m³, which is enough to fit the contents of a 3 bedroom unit. Be sure to speak with our friendly support staff who will gladly discuss your situation and help ensure that you choose the right size of truck for your requirements.

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