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Mobile Truck Rental offer cheap moving truck hire throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney (incl. Campbelltown, Penrith, Parramatta), Newcastle, Melbourne, Townsville & Surrounds

Oneway Truck Hire Up and Down All of the East Coast of Australia

Whether you need a moving truck to haul cargo locally in and around Melbourne or require a sturdy vehicle to shift them across the border, we can organise a truck to be delivered directly to your address at a time that suits you and pick it up once you’re done with it. It’s the ultimate convenience that saves you time and money.

Save Big Dollars When Moving Interstate

Hauling your possessions interstate from Melbourne is less complicated when choosing one-way truck rental. It’s the ideal method of transporting your belongings or the contents of your business over an extended distance. Mobile Truck Rental is one of the few vehicle rental agencies that actually offers one-way hire. Normally when you hire a vehicle, you’re responsible for collecting it from the agency at the beginning of the lease period and you’re also responsible for bringing it back to them at the end of the period, as well. We do all the leg work for you, so you can concentrate on the move.

Moving house or relocating your business on your own, can be an arduous affair, particularly if you’ve never done so, previously. There’s a great deal of physical work involved, but with some of sensible planning, you’ll be able to save yourself time, hassle and a considerable amount of money. With a moving truck, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits that come with loading, transporting and unloading your possessions at your own pace, rather than being held at the mercy of a removalist company, whose only concern is moving your belongings from point A to point B as quickly as possible.


removal truck hire melbourne

Affordable Removal Truck Hire

At Mobile Truck Rental, we make Melbourne truck rental affordable. Our vehicles are all immaculately clean, well maintained, regularly serviced and come fully equipped with all the gadgets you need to perform your transport duties in total comfort. Competitive rates with no hidden charges.

removal truck hire melbourne

Discount Prices for Long Term Rentals

Whether you require a removal truck for 3 days or 30, our team can create a customised truck rental package for you that is tailored to your precise needs, so you’ll never have to pay more than you need to. We offer exclusive discounts to clients for long term hire. The longer your rental term, the less you pay!

Hire trucks delivered straight to your door!
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Focus on what matters most to you
We collect the vehicle from you, once you’re finished with it
Move from point A to B without visiting a rental site, saving you time, travel costs & excess km on your truck

How Does One-Way Truck Hire Work?

Usually, when you rent a vehicle under a ‘one-way’ plan, the vehicle hire agency will require you to drop off your vehicle to a local rental yard that is in close proximity (if you’re lucky) to your final destination. At Mobile Truck Rental, this isn’t necessary. Once you’ve transported everything and arrived at point B (your new address), we arrange to collect the vehicle from you. It’s a tremendous convenience.

We also deliver the vehicle to you at the beginning of the lease period, which means that you don’t have to waste extra time and money going to the rental depot to collect your vehicle at the commencement of your contract, then travel back to your current address to begin the move. This enables you to focus purely on packing, loading and unloading all of your items.

To find out more, please visit our one-way truck hire page.

Melbourne Moving Truck Hire with an Ordinary Car Licence

Customers are often surprised to discover that they can legally drive a 3 tonne Pantech truck with a standard Class C open licence. The 3 tonne truck is equipped with 20 m³ of storage space which is enough to transfer the contents of a 3 bedroom home in a single haul.

Operating a Pantech Truck

Whilst bigger than standard passenger vehicles, Pantech trucks are remarkably nimble for their size and very easy to drive. However, it’s still important that you familiarise yourself with the vehicle before getting out on to the open road with it and follow these few simple rules when taking delivery of your hire truck. All of our trucks are the latest model vehicles and have fully air-conditioned cabs, economical diesel engines and CD/MP3 players, offering total comfort for up to 3 adult occupants.

DIY – The Smart Way to Move

With DIY removals, you’re in complete control of your move. Whether you’re moving house or transporting the contents of your small business to another location, unanticipated issues always seem to pop up; heavy traffic, poor weather conditions and other obstacles that can cause delays. When using a removalist, these delays cost you money, but when you’re in charge of the move and have your own vehicle, these same time delays don’t hit your wallet.

With a DIY removal, you’re only responsible for satisfying the handover agreement when you’ve finished using your truck. Another advantage of DIY is the added care and consideration given to the handling of all goods; nobody is more careful with your prized possessions than you are.

Flexible Rental Options Available

Whether you require a hire truck for 3 days or 3 months, we can tailor a deal that is perfect for your needs and your budget. We offer tremendous deals on one way and long term vehicle hire.

Hire with Confidence

All of our trucks are regularly serviced by trade certified mechanics and undergo a rigorous inspection before returning to our rental fleet.

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