Loading and Unloading Your Possessions Safely

Whether you’re performing a DIY removal or using your newly acquired hire truck to haul some large and cumbersome items, it’s crucial that all your possessions are loaded and unloaded off the truck safely and correctly. Doing so will reduce the risk of injury to yourself – be sure to read our article about lifting heavy objects – while also ensuring that your belongings aren’t damaged during transport.

  • Always aim to park your truck as close as you can to where you will be loading your cargo
  • Make sure the tailgate loader is completely dry and free from any other debris before loading an item onto it
  • Use the included dolly to shift the items
  • Look to load your biggest items first
  • Position bed mattresses, benches, tables, desks, chairs and similar items sideways against the interior walls and secure them with rope. All items should be well protected with bubble wrap, moving blankets or furniture pads
  • Seek to put all bulky items on the floor and rest the lighter objects on top
  • Place long, fragile items such as lamps against the sides
  • Wherever you can, disassemble all furniture items to limit chances of breakage
  • Secure items that have exteriors made from delicate materials such as timber, using furniture pads
  • Cover all upholstered furniture with plastic covering
  • Be sure to wrap all small or brittle objects
  • Load electrical appliances such as televisions and computers on their own, in boxes with suitable padding
  • Ensure maximum stability of your goods by filling any gaps between packages with small, boxed items or padded materials such as old clothing, rugs etc
  • Wrap all cutlery, glassware, and other easily damaged items with bubble wrap
  • Place all large household materials such as curtains and bed linen into boxes
  • Wear the right clothing – improve the safety of the loading and unloading process by wearing clothes that are comfortable and which you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Opt for enclosed shoes that have good grip to help prevent you from slipping or falling over. This is especially important if it happens to be raining on the day of your move
  • Remember, it’s Do It Yourself, not Do It By Yourself. Always have at least one other person to assist you with the loading and unloading process

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