Planning a move can give the feeling of ease and convenience when every move event has been theoretically drafted and calculated. It is only a feeling because you can correct the theoretical, and success on paper is not practical.

We should understand that theoretical planning for a move is different from the practice of a move. Yes, some factors must be checked for the move to succeed. Still, there are steps you can take that go against preparations made for a successful move. Some of these steps are taken from a place of ignorance. Because most who take these steps (mistakes) feel they have everything planned on paper. Hence, they fail to notice if there is any practicality to the plans written given the change in specific factors.

Successful moves are characterized by reduced losses and damages to transported property, early arrival to the new destination, enough time to pack and unpack, and more. However, this success is ensured when specific factors are met while considering the uncertainties. These factors include the following:

  • The kind of move to be conducted
  • The size of the moving truck used for the move
  • How luggage and belongings are packed

There are more factors, but these are top on the list. All three factors have in common that they demand a moving truck. Hence, when planning and organizing a move, you should ask yourself, “Do I need to rent a moving truck?” Answering this question clarifies the ideal move for you.

Renting a moving truck is particular to people conducting a DIY (do-it-yourself) move. The primary reason for this choice is to save, but does it save cost? This article will provide a detailed answer to this question as it highlights information about renting a moving truck.

Is Renting a Moving Truck Ideal for Me?

This question should be on your mind if you are considering renting a moving truck for your move. Yes, renting a moving truck has benefits, but given specific circumstances, are you going to be a beneficiary? Only some people view renting a moving truck as beneficial, similar to how not everyone sees hiring full-service movers as beneficial. Specific factors must be considered to understand whether renting a moving truck is ideal for you. These factors are:

  • The cost involved

As mentioned earlier, renting a moving truck is familiar with DIY moves, but there are other options like full-service moves. Hence, the cost being considered as a factor involves everything that will be spent concerning the truck.

Many have this misconception about renting a moving truck, and it concerns the fee involved. The popular narrative is that the only fee involved in renting a moving truck is the rental fee. If this were true, everyone would consider renting the better option for a move. Still, other fees are involved, and they can be thought of as hidden charges even though they are not. “Hidden charges” is used because not everyone knows them before renting the moving truck.

Aside from the rental fee that is paid upfront, there are other fees, like fueling costs,  insurance fee (which comes into play when there is any damage to the truck or its content), and more. Some of these fees can be avoided, while some cannot. The fueling cost, for example, must be addressed, and most truck rental companies demand that you fuel the truck to a particular stage for your trip and return the truck with an equal amount of fuel as when you picked it up. 

There is also the fee charged when the truck is returned late as opposed to the time stated in the contract. Some costs arise during the move, especially if it is a long-distance move that could take days. When all these costs are summed up, they can be an advantage and disadvantage to some.

  • Schedule:

Consider your schedule and opt for the option that is more convenient for your schedule. A full-service move takes less time to plan and conduct than a DIY move, which is widespread knowledge. 

When considering your schedule, you want to look at how early you want your move, how long the move would take, when to place an order for a truck rental, how quickly you want the move concluded, and more. After considering all these aspects and how they affect your schedule, you will be more clear if renting a truck is the ideal option.

  • Safety:

This factor has two aspects, how well the truck contains what you are moving and how well your belongings are packed into the truck. Are they packed in a way that they can easily get damaged when in transit? Safety when packing is more assured when you hire full-service movers. 

However, specific principles must be noted with DIY moves, as the people packing need to be more professional. Note that any damage to your belongings when packing is an added cost to your moving budget. So, you must weigh your options to know if renting a moving truck is ideal.

Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

Seeing how belongings are loaded into a moving truck can define a move; these tips help you load properly. These tips are more like principles that make loading easier and safer for you and your belongings. They include:

  1. The loading order: The order for loading into a moving truck is, the bigger items go in first. This makes unloading easier, as you take out the smaller items first. You first want to load boxes onto the truck, mattress, and furniture. The furniture should be loaded so the flat surfaces are against each other.
  2. Protect the belongings: Damage does not solely mean a break or spoil in your belongings; a scratch is also damage. Hence, you want to protect against such, and a moving blanket is what you use for this. You want to wrap every piece of furniture, box, and heavy object that can cause damage or be damaged in a moving blanket.
  3. Minimize movement: This Principe considers that the truck’s motion affects the loaded objects and can result in damages. Hence it would help if you restricted the objects so they are not affected by the truck’s motion. Straps can hold heavy objects in place against the truck’s walls. Clothes can be used to pad small spaces existing between two or more objects. The idea is to have as little motion as possible between the loaded objects.


Renting a moving truck can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It depends on whether it is ideal for you. Hence, this article has outlined what you must know to determine if it is ideal for you. If it is not, you can always hire a full-service moving company. This option is a complete package (truck, full-service movers, and ideal moving equipment) at a higher price.

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